Saturday, May 25, 2013

60 Ways to keep Wife's Love

A virtuous wife is a beautiful gift from Allah. A man is accountable before Allah for what he does with Allah's most delicate gift.
 A woman came out of a man's rib (According to a sahih Hadith). Not from his Feet to be walked on. Not from his Head to be superior over, but from his Side to be Equal, under the Arm to be Protected, and next to the Heart to be Loved.
60 Ways to keep Wife's Love

1. Let her always feel secure. (No threats of divorce or violence)
2. Always greet her As Salamu Alaikum Wa Arahmatullah
3. Be Gentle. 
4. Advice her in privacy
5. Be Generous
6. "Let her have the seat"
7. Avoid Anger (eg. by doing wudu)
8. Looking Good, Smelling Great -even at home!
9. Don't be Rigid (eg. I'm a man).Respect her choice with in boundaries of shariah.
10. Be a good listener
11. Yes to flattering, no arguing
12. Call Wife with best names
13. Pleasant Surprise
14. Preserve the Time
15. Expect & Accept Shortcomings
16. Say Thanks, Appreciate
17. Encourage to be kind to kin
18. Speak about her topic of interest
19. Show that she is wonderful infront of her Family
20. Give each other Gifts
21. Get rid of rust/routine (eg. vacation)
22. Think good of her
23. Pretend you don't see small problem
24. Drop of Patience (eg. during period, pregnant)
25. Expect & Respect Jealousy
26. Be Humble
27. Don't make home miserable
28. Help out at home
29. Help her to respect parents
30. Make her feel she is ideal wife
31. Remember Wife in Dua
32. Leave alone her past (eg. negative event)
33. Don't show her that you are doing her a favour
34. Satan is the enemy, not the wife
35. Place food in her mouth (in intimacy)
36. Protect her from the envy like a Pearl
37. Show her your Pearls (eg. smile)
38. Deal with small matters
39. Avoid being harsh/moody
40. Respect her thinking
41. Help her to dig within to discover skills/success
42. Respecting intimate relationship and boundries
43. Help her to take care of your children
44. Gifts of Tongue (eg. sweet talk etc)
45. Sit and eat with her
46. Let her know if you are travelling, leaving/coming
47. Don't just leave home for no reason
48. Keep the secrecy
49. Encouraging worship
50. Know her rights, not just from the paper
51. Be the best for your wife in good/bad times
52. Kiss your wife, it's the messenger's sunnah!
53. Don't share disputes with others
54. Care for her health
55. Realize you are not perfect or always right
56. Share happiness/sadness
57. Have mercy on her in weakness/strength
58. Let be the one to lean on
59. Accept her as she is
60. Have good intention for wife all-times

This is from Shaykh Ahmed Shehab

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