Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spiritual opportunities for Doctors:

 Spiritual opportunities for Doctors:

"The best achievement is that you should benefit mankind but should not expect any reward in return. Serve everyone but do not expect any service from anyone.

O living one! Live in this world in such a manner that you may enlighten the world. Neither have you to come to this world time again nor will you be sent here again. Your life should be an example for your nation.

Indeed service to the sick without remuneration is the most exalted and accepted worship of Allah the Almighty.”
Do not forget our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings be Upon him) states:
“If a person goes to visit a sick patient in the morning 70,000 angels send blessings and pray for his forgiveness till evening. If he goes to visit in the evening 70,000 angels say blessings and pray for his forgiveness till morning.”

In another hadith it is narrated:

Whoever visits the sick, an angel in the Heaven calls out:
“May you reap happiness in the Hereafter, may your walking in this world and the next be blessed, and may you enjoy a high rank in the Heaven” All this benefit and forgiveness is for a single visit to a patient. What would it be for continual treatment and care!

Worship is liked by Allah the Almighty.
Service is liked by Humanity and Allah the Almighty.
Worship may be accepted or rejected by Allah the Almighty, as He pleases.
Service is always accepted by Allah the Almighty.
Service is the best worship and is granted to the best of people."
-Shaikh Sufi Barkat Ali

 While visiting the sick, and dua made by the sick:

Umm Salamah  narrated that the Prophet  ﷺ said: 'When you visit the sick, or the dead  then say good, because the angels say 'Ameen' to whatever you say'
[Muslim  #2126]

Ali (RA) reported that the Prophet  ﷺ said:
'When a Muslim  visits his sick Muslim brother  in the morning, seventy thousand angels make dua for his forgiveness till the  evening. And when he visits him in the evening, seventy thousand  angels make dua for his forgiveness till the morning, and he will be granted  a garden for it in Jannah.'
 [at-Tirmidhi, Abu  Dawud]

 We should try to recall these hadeeths when we see any patient or at least while we are entering our clinics/hospital at the beginning of our duty.

 Imagine how much our approach and behavior with the patients will change if we start seeing everyone of our patients as an opportunity to earn limitless rewards from Allah and duas of the Angels instead of mere customers or even worse- as a fat wallet!