Monday, September 17, 2018

Women get more share in Inheritance under Shari'a law:

Women get more share in Inheritance under Shari'a law:

If you view only one aspect of the bigger picture of the shariah, which is sometimed presented incorrectly, you will miss the wisdom that it holds as an integrated whole.

In Islamic law of inheritance, Women get less than men in only 4 situations, equal in 20 situations and more than men in 14 situations!

And remember that all the financial needs of women have to be borne by their male relatives at every stage of her life.
And if her male relatives do not support her, she can claim it through law.

If she doesn't have any male relatives to support, it's the responsibility of the Muslim society and the government to support her and her kids.

Apart from this, she gets Mehr during marriage, which is totally her's.

She also has right to own property or any wealth independently and she can do business if she wants. She can dispose of her wealth in any manner she likes.

Even if the husband is poor and his wife is rich, it's still the responsibility of the husband to take care of her and their children's needs and he cannot force her to support or share in family expenses.

And all these economic rights were given to women by Islam since more than 1440 years.