Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 sins and their effects upon the Ummah today- Hadith

5 sins and their effects upon the Ummah today- Hadith

 Abdullah bin Omar (RA) reported that Rasulullah (SAWS) addressing the immigrant Muslims said, “There are five evils. If you are involved in them or they penetrate amongst you, it would be disastrous. I seek the refuge of Allah from your involvement in these evils. These evils are:

1. Fornication:

If it becomes common and open [in the society], it will cause and infect so many diseases that were never heard by the previous nations.

[How correct is this warning of Rasulullah (S). The epidemic of AIDS is the direct result of fornication - sex outside wedlock. World is so much scared of it that it has become a terror of great magnitude. Translator]

2. Defalcation [cheating] in weight and measurement:

If a nation is involved in this evil, Allah penalizes it from draught and famine and oppressive regimes overtake it.

3. Non-payment of Zakah:

Rain stops pouring on the people who commit this crime. Had there been no birds and animals in that region, there would have been no rain at all.

4. Breach of commitment with Allah and His Prophet (S):

When this breach becomes prominent, Allah imposes the rule of non-Muslims that deprive them of so many things.

 5. Not governing by Laws of Allah:

If the Muslim Rulers do not govern as per directives of the Book of Allah, Allah creates disruption in the Muslim society and they start fighting among themselves.

[From Ibn Ma’jah & Baihaqi]

This Hadith diagnoses our conditions today accurately and also gives us a prescription to come out of these problems. All the 5 evils are prevalent in the global ummah now and we can see their disastrous results upon the Ummah. It's clear that there is a direct link betwen our sins and our socio-economic and political problems. We actually need to do sincere Tawba leading to a "spring" of Spirituality and Taqwa in all our affairs. Empty slogans and western concepts of so-called "democracy and freedom" will not really help.

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