Monday, May 1, 2017

Advise after death of a near one:

May Allah Grant the deceased Maghfirat and jannat ul firdaws.

Please do remember these things to benefit the departed soul:

1. Seek pardon on his/her behalf from the relatives, neighbors​, friends and those with whom they had any transactions.

2. Repay the loans or any other things they owed to others.

3. Do Hajj or arrange some one to do Hajj on their behalf if they had not done Fardh Hajj.

4. Pay fidya of any qadha Fardh or wajib Salah or  Ramadan missed fasts to the poor.

5. Fulfill the jaiz oaths or pay its fidya as the case may be.

6. Fulfill the jaiz Wills\wasiyath.

7. Then arrange for distribution of the inheritance left by them according to Shariah. It includes even the smallest value things they owned. Don't just give their items in charity with out full permission from all the heirs.

8. Follow the sunnah in the funeral rites. Avoid all Biddahs in this.

9. Continue to pray for their maghfirat.

10. Regularly send isaal e sawaab of nafil ibadaat and charity on their behalf.

11. Maintain respect and good relationship with their relatives and friends.

12. And lastly, we all have to prepare for our own meeting with our Lord. Every death is a reminder of our own mortality.

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