Saturday, September 1, 2012

Basic books for every Muslim

Some friends have repeatedly requested me to give an Ulema approved list of essential reading of Islamic books which will enable one to understand Islam from authentic traditional Ulema. Alhamdulillah, I recently FOUND a list approved by one of the greatest living Scholars, Muhaddith, Faqih and Mufassir Sheikh Mufti Taqi Usmani of Pakistan. Many of these books are available on line for free reading in Urdu/English. Rest can be easy bought online or any good book shop from India.
A Curriculum of Study for every Muslim

Shaykh Mohammad Mufti Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) recommends the following books to gain essential knowledge,  sound understanding and practical application of Islam for every Muslim. (Source: Fatawa Usmani, volume 1,  pg. 181-182 ed. Maktaba Ma`arif al-Quran: 2005)

Section 1: Necessary Beginners Knowledge

[…without which living a life like a true Muslim is not possible.]
  • Hayat al-Muslimin (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali Thanvi RA)
          (in English - Muslim way of Life)                                                                      
  • Jaza’ al-A`maal (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali) {English-Rewards and punishments of Human Deeds}
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Section 2: Broadening the Core

[…by which such vastness and firmness is produced in religious aspects that a person will not be misguided by those who misguide.]
  • Ma`arif al-Quran (Mufti Shafi`) or Tafsir Usmani (Mawlana Shabbir Ahmed)
  • Ma`arif al-Hadith (Mawlana Manzur Nu`mani)
  • Behishti Zewar ke Masa’il (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)
  • `Ilm al-Fiqah (Mawlana `Abd al-Shakkur Lakhnawi)
  • Aqa’id al-Islam (Mawlana Idris Kandihlawi)
  • Shari`at wa Tariqat (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

To this list are added:

1- Islam- Faith and practice By Maulana Mansoor Nomani RA

2- The Four Pillars of Islam by Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi (RA) 

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