Monday, December 10, 2012

Valimah immediately after the Nikah is permissible- Deoband

In the Indian sub-continent there are humble souls who have intentions of helping the girl's relatives by offering the valima on the same day of Nikah itself, (before the couple consummates). But there are many ignorant and greedy zealots who oppose this and compel the bride's relatives to offer lunch/dinner on the Nikah day and then the next day or later they demand valimah from the bridegroom. [they want two dinners!]

And all this is being done in the name of SUNNAH!!!

If we start following this system and valima is given by the bridegroom immediately after the nikah on the same day, then the expenditure and burden on the bride's family is decreased significantly. Also, the nikah and valima both should be done in a simple way and no need to call hundreds of people, only the closest family members and some poor people should be invited.

And remember, demanding directly or indirectly  from the bride's family for dinner on Nikah or to share in valima expenses is Haram and that food is Haram to eat as it not a duty of the girl's father to feed the guests, it is the boy's duty to arrange the dinner.

So, to save the time and money, the valima can be arranged immediately after Nikah by the groom.

I was searching for a fatwah on this topic. I could get this in urdu. 

It says it is PERMISSIBLE to do valimah by the Bride Groom immediately after the Nikah.

Here are the fatawa in urdu from Darul uloom Deoband and Darul uloom Shah waliullah

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